President's Report December 2016

(December 2016 bulletin)

Welcome to you all to our AGM meeting and pot luck lunch. I'm very happy to see you again. First of all I would like to remind you of our activities during the year. We began with our Annual Dinner at the Hong Fu Restaurant on Østerbrogade on March 4. KUKS held their AGM in early June in the magnificent Masonic Hall on Blegdamsvej. Later in June we had a big shock when the British electorate voted to leave the EU. Pity they didn't let us vote! Our annual walk and picnic were on July 24. As usual the picnic was in Rådvad and some of us walked to Rådvad and back to Skodsborg Station. KUKS held the UN Day celebrations in the Town Hall in Copenhagen on October 24. Bent and I could not attend as we were in Italy. However Joe McKernan, who is a committee member, attended instead.On November 10 several of us went to an ESU meeting in Copenhagen International School which was one of several meetings to commemorate the death of Shakespeare 400 years ago. Marlene Edelstein gave a lighthearted talk on the importance of the seasons in Shakespeare's writings and how the people at that time were very dependent on nature.

A while ago we thought that our aim to be able to vote in a National General Election had been successful as several of were able to apply for dual citizenship and should be granted this in the New Year. However, the surprise of the Brexit vote has put a new light on the situation as we don't know exactly what this involves and what influence it will have on us as expat. Brits living in Europe. So maybe we should continue until the situation is clarified. On that puzzling note I'd like to thank you all for coming here and for your continued support.

Valerie Kristiansen, President.